Heal and Protect Your Skin with Rejuran Healer

Father time has never been and will never be defeated. As we age, our skin ages too. That’s why when it comes to your face, you develop thinner skin that is complemented by fine lines and wrinkles. The good news is that all is not lost if you want to prolong your face’s youthful glow. This, thanks to a number of cutting-edge as well as tried and tested aesthetic procedures across Singapore. A procedure that you should seriously consider is Rejuran injection

Also known as Rejuran Healer and introduced in 2014, the key concept of this approach is to heal and protect the skin. Want to know what it is and what it’s all about? Read on for details.

What makes Rejuran injection stand out? 

At present, aesthetic treatments such as botox and facelifts focus on eradicating saggy skin and wrinkles. This is not the case when it comes to Rejuran injection since it focuses on healing as well as protecting the skin while fixing the signs of aging along the way. These are achieved with the use of PolyNucleotide (PN). 

What is PN and how does it work? 

In simple terms, PN is a fragment of DNA and it is harvested from Salmon milt. When injected in the skin, it reverses skin damages and increases elasticity along the way. All without the nasty side effects that other substances bring. PN that is used in Rejuran injection as a support structure in the healing stage and stays in the dermal layer longer. All these allow you to enjoy the benefits of Rejuran injection for a long time. 

The other benefits of TN include: reducing scars, shrinking pores, improving skin hydration, and speeding up skin recovery from injury.

Who should undergo Rejuran injection? 

You should undergo Rejuran injection if you want to achieve the following: 

  • If you want to improve skin elasticity without the unnatural look that fillers and botox treatment usually bring out. 
  • If you are in your 30s (and above) and you have dry skin. 
  • If you have wrinkles around the eyes and on the neck. 
  • If you have stretch marks.
  • If you have sensitive skin. 
  • If you have thinned skin that is caused by too much exposure to skin treatment.

What are the side effects of Rejuran injection? 

Just like other aesthetic procedures, Rejuran injection comes with a couple of side effects. Bear in mind that if performed by a legitimate practitioner, they are mild and are going to go away after a couple of hours. They include itching, slight redness, and bruising. The said conditions are caused by injections and their healing can be hastened with topical skin care products and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). 

Summing up

These are only some of the most important things that can help you if Rejuran injection is right for you or otherwise. In the end, you can be rest assured that if you choose this treatment, you can improve heal and protect your skin from the signs of aging without compromising your health and well-being. So look for that tried and tested Rejuran injection service provider in Singapore so that you can get your money’s worth and more.

Spruce up your Workplace: Ways to Redecorate your Office

A beautiful workplace can have positive effects on the mood and productivity of the workers. So if you think your staff’s morale needs a major boost, consider redecorating your office. And if you don’t know how to do that, fret not for we got you covered. Here are some simple guides on how to redecorate your office.

Let the light in

vitra office accessories

Natural lighting tends to make people work more comfortably. Not only does it help reduce energy cost, it also sets a positive mood. Let your office space bathe in the sunlight by making the windows bigger. Install some nice blinds so you can easily control the amount of light that goes in.

Add some greeneries

Plants have the magic ability to boost a person’s productivity at work. Even a small indoor plant can give that calming effect. The cool green look and the steady oxygen supply are bonuses that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Update your furniture

Change uncomfortable furniture for they only cause stress to workers. Consider changing into modular office cubicles. They look more modern and add a sense of professionalism. Check out Vitra office accessories to lend an air of functional aesthetics to the space.

 Splash some colors

Colors can affect how workers’ minds work. So if your office is predominantly neutral in color, think about adding pops of blue, green, yellow, and even pink and purple. These colors are known to help boost not just people’s creativity, but also their interest and creativity at work.

Making your office interiors more interesting and slightly different from the way it used to can lead to positive changes in the environment and the employees’ quality of work. You can start with the addition of simple accessories and when the company’s finances permits, then go for a major overhaul if you want. As a last bit of advice, always keep in mind the comfort requirements of the staff to make the workplace not just more attractive but also more conducive for work.