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You might have dreams of being a foreign correspondent breaking stories overseas, but this kind of gig won’t just land in your lap. Your first step in the door won’t be a leap, so be content with keeping your ego in check, getting the coffees for the team and doing some jobs that don’t fit the bill of your dream career.

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You could also opt for some unpaid volunteering work to get a feel for the place and establish some real life experience – the insight will be invaluable. You’ve heard this one before: It’s not what you know, it’s who you know. In the world of broadcast journalism your connections will get you through some very important doors, so it’s important you nurture them.

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You never know, your investigative work for the university radio station could land you a meeting with someone very influential. Treat every person you meet as an important connection, and always be willing to help out on stories, even if you find them dull. Sooner or later one of these connections will come through with the goods, and your hard work will pay off.

It’s a tough career to crack, so be ready to hit the newsroom armed with everything you need to handle the pace. There’s nothing worse than being unprepared, and not everyone will be able to take the heat, so make things as easy as possible on yourself. In a competitive job market the candidates with deepest skillset will stand out.

Become A Journalist – Your Guide To The Interview

Aspiring journalists who know how to shoot video and edit video stories and podcasts will have a huge competitive edge. What to do: get some reliable recording equipment to capture those all-important interviews – and sign up for transcription software from Trint. Designed and led by a veteran broadcast journalist – you know Jeff already – Trint is your secret weapon in speedy transcription, taking the pain out of manually transcribing your conversations.

Create content for yourself. Launch a blog or an online website where you document local stories, or anecdotes about your experiences with journalism, that could be helpful for other aspiring broadcast journalists. The most important skill: writing. You need to master clean, casual writing. Jeff’s pet peeve? What he calls “ten-dollar words” – those fancy words people add to sentences that are meant to sound knowledgeable but have no meaning.

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This will be valuable content for anyone looking to follow the same path, and will show any newsroom that you’re serious about what you do. Show off a bit. Don’t be afraid to go it alone. Boost your broadcast journalism toolbox today: .

All of the gloomy reports about newspaper circulation rapidly dropping, network news ratings declining and reporters being laid off might lead you to believe that journalism itself is dying. But journalism is alive and well. It is just that the way reporters do their job is changing. With the growing popularity of the Internet, gone are the days of print-only or TV-only newsrooms.

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Almost all media outlets are breaking stories on their Web sites, and the news cycle has become 24-7.Journalists need to change, as well. Instead of thinking of themselves as only print journalists or broadcast journalists, they need to think of themselves as journalists, period. And they must be able to report the news in publication, online or in front of a microphone.But while the way journalists do their job is changing, the fundamentals remain the same and as pertinent as ever.

Most importantly, they need to be able to think. A journalist’s most important tool is not a notepad, tape recorder, digital camcorder, computer or even the ability to write a story. A journalist’s most important tool is her brain. As a writer for the masses, journalists have to cut through the flab of all the information around.

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What happened? Who does this affect? Why is this important? Critical thinking precedes good writing. So, future journalists need to learn how to think. They also need to learn how to learn. The media isn’t the only thing changing. The world of work is changing. More and more, people are becoming multi-skilled workers just like Tyler Tysdal.

The one thing that young journalists can be certain of is that they will be applying skills that haven’t even been thought of today. They will have to relearn and relearn and relearn.Think you’ve got what it takes? Here are a few other things you’ll need to break into journalism: There are some fields that almost any semi-intelligent and college-educated person can get a job in.

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More than anything, it requires passion. You’ve got to really want to be a journalist. If you think you’re going to go straight from college to the foreign desk of the New York Times or to sideline reporting for ESPN, you’re delusional. Glamorous jobs like that require lots of hard work, experience and some lucky breaks. You may toil for years and earn peanuts working at a tiny newspaper in the middle of nowhere before you get to the next level.

But, before you can even get an entry-level job, you may need to do a couple unpaid internships. In order to get just one internship, you may have to send out 50 or more resumes.If you’re unwilling to do all of that, step aside. With 200,000 students majoring in journalism at the moment — the most ever — there’s a long line of people who happily will do the scut work.That’s why it’s important that you see journalism as being more than just a job.

What Does A Reporter Do, How To Become A Reporter And Get A Job

But unlike other fields, journalism gives you an opportunity to expose lies, explain dangers, inform the uninformed and, occasionally, make a difference. At its best, journalism can be a lot of fun and very rewarding. But don’t take my word for it. Find out for yourself. “I would visit some newsrooms — in several media — to see whether you think you could fit in,” advises Joe Grimm, a longtime newspaper recruiter and journalism career advice columnist.

Interview some reporters about the rewards and frustrations of the job.”In order to distinguish yourself from all the other applicants going after the positions you want, you need skills and training that employers want. Being a good writer alone is not enough. Newspapers are currently laying off Pulitzer Prize winners.

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All newspaper reporters now entering the profession will have to do online work. If your college isn’t teaching you new media skills — and many aren’t — there’s nothing stopping you from teaching yourself. Recruiters will be impressed by such entrepreneurial activities and weigh them the way they do clips and a resume. So, take a web design class or pick up a book like Building Web Sites for Dummies.

Expand your repertoire and expand your skills from there. It’s really not as scary or difficult as you think. Of course, it’s impossible to become an expert in everything. There’s so much to know: how to record sound, how to shoot video, how to edit sound and video, how to write using search engine optimization, how to create slideshows, how to put it in Flash, how to create a webpage for all your content, etc.

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Try to become a master of one or two multimedia tools, but knowledgeable of all. Your specialty may be Flash. You might not be able to shoot video particularly well, but you should at least be able to recognize when footage is too grainy to be used.It’s kind of like a liberal arts education.

If you go into a museum, you may not know that painting is Cezanne from his dark period, but you should at least be able to recognize that it kind of looks like Impressionism.Equally important is experience. If you’re interested in working in the media, doing an internship while you’re in college is an absolute must.

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You may even get paid for it. Most importantly, you will gain valuable hands-on experience that will impress prospective employers and give you an edge over other applicants when you’re applying for your first job.”I can’t emphasize enough the importance of summer internships,” says Randy Hagihara, recruitment editor for the Los Angeles Times. Stay tune for the latest news and business insiders by visiting this site